Wednesday, 4 November 2009

If I am in your heart, there is no way to go away from me. You can go away from my physical presence, but my physical presence is no longer significant if you are already feeling my presence in your heart because anything heartfelt immediately goes beyond words, concepts,

you can be hundreds of miles distant from each other, and yet love can bring you so close that you can melt into each other. You can sit close to a person, your bodies are touching and yet you can be hundreds of miles away from each other….if you feel me in your heart, then I am coming with you. Wherever you go, I am coming with you -- and without a ticket, because they have not yet found a way to know whether a person is traveling with someone hiding in his heart.

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  1. Excellent work sheema..
    Prolong it..
    I am waiting for you new posts